Neka Art Museum, Ubud

neka art museum

The two figures of a man and woman represent inseparable male and female aspects, forming a balance and harmony in human cultural life. Their puppet profiles indicate self-identity that is rooted in the environment and culture of Bali. The six waves of hair refer to paintings in the puppet, Ubud, Batuan, Young Artist, along with Indonesian and International contemporary styles that are on permanent display at the Neka Art Museum.

The sun with a maximum of nine radiating point of light symbolize the functions of a museum as a source of information, inspiration, education, research, public service, tourism, culture, preservation, and continuity. Three rings in the sun signify that a museum gives a sense of the past, present, and future.

All in all, the Neka Art Museum constitutes a notable microcosm of traditional and modern painting, in past and present Bali. As such, it represents as well an important institutional symbol of cultural preservation and a worthy example of artistic enterprise for all of Indonesia and the rest of the world”

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